Ciao belle gente! I’m Willow, your local tree who makes a lot of noise.

I’m a young person with a passion for writing, acting and singing. I’m currently studying music at university, and I brush up on my writing in my spare time. You’ll get to see all my writing shenanigans on here.

I’ve been writing since I was seven – my first “book” was called ‘About Willow’. The entire thing was accurate until one reached the last page, where it read “I own a horse”. Sadly I’ve never had a horse, no matter how much I wish for one. But maybe I will one day. Maybe it was looking into the future.

I created A Melody Of Words in 2013 when I was still on blogger, as a place to post my poems. I used the blog up until 2015, and revived it in late 2016. I don’t write poetry as much as I used to these days, however I hope to use this blog now as a place to inspire and engage other writers, and to share my own writing.

If you wish to support me, I have a ko-fi account you can donate to: ko-fi.com/willowlucy

And now we’ve came to that point of the “about me” where I give you lots of little details you probably don’t need to know.


Star Sign: Capricorn
Personality Type:  ENFP-T
Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff
Favourite Author(s): Derek Landy, James Dashner, JK Rowling, George Martin
Favourite Fictional Character(s): Skulduggery Pleasant, Baron Humbert Von Gikkingen, Darquesse, Clarabelle
Favourite Drink: Iced Chocolate
Favourite Food: Don’t make me pick
Hobbies: Aside from acting, singing and writing? Well reading, dancing, and eating
Instruments: Flute, some piano, some violin, sort of harp…